Waterfest 2016

Waterfest 2016 registration will start at 3:00 PM on September 30th at Sunwater Spa. Pick up your registration information and meet the local Waterfest team. At 5:00 - 7:00 PM join us for a community welcome reception at the Spa with soaking and networking on your own after the party.

We'll be ready to run at 8 AM with the Mayors Cup 5K Run-Walk for the MIneral Springs and the Mineral Springs Treasure Hunt. For bicyclist, Manitou Spokes will lead several guided bike rides through the Garden of the Gods and around. We'll also offer community yoga at Sunwater Spa.

There will be five informative and interactive programs throughout the day where we will explore the use, understanding, preservation, and benefits of mineral water. There will be ample time for networking, relaxing, and connecting with national and local experts.

Registration Specials:  1 Program $15, 1/2 day $30


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Proceeds from the event to benefit:

Mineral Springs Foundation

Peak Living Project

Balneology Association of North America

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