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City of Manitou Springs

Historic Manitou Springs is historic for good reason as it is blessed with a dozen mineral springs, scores of local artists, invigorating dry air, cerulean skies, and a great location. Our community of about 5200 people are active, involved, and caring. Our government is run by Mayor Nicole Nicoletta along with our dedicated City Council. Our staff of 65+ oversee a budget of over $17 million. Recent fires and floods have increased the need for capital improvements and put increasing demands on city staff to oversee numerous government funded projects. Our community, like many, wrestles with local issues. We strive to engage our community and lovers of Manitou in dialogue, collaboration, and visioning.

Peak Living Project

The Peak Living Project is a citizen initiative begun in 2012. It brings together community members to implement a culture and system of positive living within Manitou Springs. We are grounded in the unique culture, geology, environment, aspirations, and needs of our community. We continue to build on our heritage as a special place for health and wellbeing. We are excited about bringing Waterfest 2016 to our region and community and look forward to sharing our passion and commitment to healthy living. 

SunWater Spa 

The blessing of the healing waters is what makes our location so unique which includes the life giving sun, the earth, our native healing plants, and the practices of the indigenous cultures that have thrived on this land. Our treatments are inspired by our commitment to healing and a celebration of age old wellness traditions from around the globe.

Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce

Hidden between Garden of the Gods and America’s most famous mountain, Pikes Peak, lies the magical town of Manitou Springs, just minutes from Colorado Springs. Our Chamber of Commerce is staffed with local volunteers and professional staff to help plan your Manitou Springs visit.  Access to most resources can be viewed at the Chamber website through the logo link below.  If you stop by our visitor center (354 Manitou Avenue)  you can pick up some mineral springs sipping cups, maps, and information about the history and unique culture of our cold mineral springs. We are open daily and welcome you to stop by.


Mineral Springs Foundation

The mineral springs in Manitou Springs, Colorado, are a vital part of what makes this area special. A group of committed volunteers formed the foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in 1987. Since then, they have worked countless hours stewarding these precious resources. Their mission is “to restore, protect, and publicize the natural mineral springs and to document their historic origins.” 

“Manitou,” a Native American word for “ great spirit,” describes this beautiful mountain community. Eight naturally carbonated mineral spring fountains, located throughout this historic town, run free for all who wish to enjoy their healing benefits. The Ute, Cheyenne and other Native Americans considered this area sacred for its healing springs and clean mountain air.

The naturally occurring mineral springs have a rich history of giving and restoring health to people who traveled thousands of miles to be healed by the magical waters. Today, health and wellness continues to be a draw for residents and visitors who come to the area for its unparalleled quality of life and holistic, spiritually uplifting personality.

Pikes Peak Bulletin

In the spring of 2014, the Pikes Peak Bulletin was teetering on the edge of vanishing into the ranks of newspapers that couldn’t survive in today’s high-tech age. Then along came John Weiss, owner of theColorado Springs Independent and Colorado Springs Business Journal — but more importantly for theBulletin’s sake, also a longtime resident of Manitou Springs. Weiss purchased the Bulletin and willingly invested in assembling a veteran staff around a simple philosophy: Manitou and its surrounding communities still deserve their own local, even hyper-local, weekly newspaper, as has been the case continuously for about 130 years, since the 1880s. And so the Bulletin still serves the same loyal readership today, racking up more awards every year from the Colorado Press Association for both content and advertising.


Colorado Springs Independent

Started in 1997, the Colorado Springs Independent (fondly known as the Indy) reaches 142,000 readers and is available at more than 805 locations in the Pikes Peak region each week. No sacred cows. Balanced investigative reporting. Bold graphics. Crisp writing. Arts and cultural reviews, previews, insights and trends. Absolutely the best events calendar around.
"We’re read so widely due to our local focus," says Chair/Co-founder John Weiss. "Local politics, local angles on national news, local artists, local offbeat characters, local bands, local heroes, local villains, local everything." 

The Independent's editorial excellence has been recognized by more than two dozen national and regional associations, including accolades from the Utne Reader, The Nation Magazine, Colorado Society for Professional Journalism, the National Society for Lesbian & Gay Journalists, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, and the Education Writers Association of America. 


Manitou Springs School District 14

MSSD14 serves approximately 1500 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 who reside in Manitou Springs, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Chipita Park, Crystal Park and Cedar Heights. Our district Partners for Healthy Choices is a leader in providing comprehensive, community supported health services to our youth. We strive to know each student and family to better serve all needs. We readily partner with many community organizations and individuals to further our mission of deep community support. 

Balneology Association of North America

The Balneology Association of North America [BANA] is committed to raising awareness of the natural mineral waters in North America for the purpose of wellness and healing. Balneology (the study and use of mineral water) is consistently taught, practiced, researched and documented around the globe for its important and widespread contributions to health, wellness and healing. Millions of people around the world seek out natural mineral waters for their personal health and wellness benefits. Through our support of research, information and education, our mission is to engage individuals and organizations in activities that acknowledge the benefits of Balneology for the people of North America.

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